Our Story

Welcome to Truly Raw Co my name is Nichelle Livingston. Towards the end of 2020, I took a huge jump like many other innovative and hard-working humans, I made the decision to start a business during a pandemic. While working from home, I've struggled with my mental health. Not being able to leave my house very often and to not see loved ones for so long was taking a toll on me. I believe we all go through something in life, Truly Raw was created because we all should be fully comfortable expressing who we are. I was recently married in August, which was amazing. Originally we had planned to be married in June however, with the pandemic, we decided to elope for the safety of our family and the community. Our family had no idea but they were very supportive and understood given the current circumstances. When we arrived back in SLC, I was determined to pursue my dream and open Truly Raw Co. We are excited for Truly Raw Co. and what the future holds. 

We officially launched the website in October 2020. When shopping with us, you are supporting a small business, a family and a dream and for that, we say thank you!

Truly Raw Co. is a woman-owned and family-run business, proudly based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The products we bring into our store are sourced from small businesses around the US and other countries around the world. 

 - Nichelle, Founder & CEO

Our Vision (Mission Statement)

We believe that all women are gorgeous and should embrace who they are as a human. We’re committed to representing women of every color, shape & size everyday. 

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